Weld-On Tow Hooks Release

weld-On Aerial Tow Hook Release

Part Number:  6027
List Price:  $411.65
Internet Price:  $388.15

Our weld-on tow hook is designed to be directly welded to a custom mounting bracket.

This hook is similar in design to the Schweizer manufactured hook that is no longer available. Design improvements were made to increase emergency release capability at all towing loads and angles. A common glider towing hazard occurs when the glider becomes extremely high or low compared to the tow plane. This applies a load to the tow hook at an angle that significantly increases the force required to release the tow rope. This new hook has greater release arm leverage and a unique hardened roller release design to reduce release force at all tow angles. Additionally, the geometry of the tow hook housing was improved to keep the tow ring in the optimum position to minimize release force.

The tow hook is not to be installed on gliders. It can be installed on the airplane used for glider or banner towing.

FAA approval can be obtained for the complete tow hook and release system by following the guidelines in FAA Advisory Circular 43.13-2B, Chapter 8, titled, "Glider and Banner Tow-Hitch Installations" and the included tow hook installation instructions. Tow hook release is not STC or PMA approved.

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