Questions & Answers


We hope to answer some of your questions within this section. We continue to increase our products & information about tow hooks, mounting, and installation as additional information becomes available. We welcome your comments and questions. If you have any drawings or information that may be of help to other pilots that you would like to share we would welcome your input.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get approval for my tow hook installation?

Tow Hook Release installations on certificated aircraft must be FAA approved in accordance with the appropriate parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations. This approval can be accomplished by any of the following three methods:

Does Wings Unlimited have a Supplemental Type Certificate Approval?

No, we do not have STC or PMA approval. An FAA Form 337 would be required for our tow release installation.

Can I get an 8130 tag for export?

We cannot provide FAA form 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tag for export. An STC or PMA is required for an 8130-3 tag and since our parts are not STC or PMA approved we will not be able to provide this form.

Can I get a tow hook kit from you?

We do not have a kit for the internal controls as each aircraft installation is different depending on the type of aircraft. We do have a suggested parts list that may help you determine the parts you might need for your particular aircraft installation. See: Technical Info Section: “Tow Hook Parts List for Internal Controls.”

How do I attach your tow hook release to my aircraft?

This varies with the type of aircraft you have. We have mounting brackets available for purchase for Cessna 140, 170, 180, 185, and 188 (Cessna 180, 185, and 188 bracket only fits models with tail wheel lock). Also, we have diagrams of the Schweizer tow hook installations for several aircraft on our technical page.

Do you have any Schweizer tow hooks or parts or know where we can get them?

No, Schweizer discontinued manufacturing their tow hitches several years ago. Our parts are not compatible with the Schweizer tow hitches.

What is the difference in Wings Unlimited tow hook and the Schweizer tow hook?

The Wings Unlimited tow hook has many advantages over the previously available tow hooks in the area of release safety. Our redesigned hook and hook body prevents the towline ring from moving forward under unusual high tow angles. This prevents excessive loading and jamming of the release arm. The release assembly has geometry improvements that provide additional leverage and a hardened roller reduces release friction. Both improvements increase the release capability of the tow hook. The result is that the Wings Unlimited tow hook will dependably release the tow load with less applied release force than previously available tow hooks. This is especially true for heavy tow loads at abnormal and severe tow angles.

Can I replace your tow hook on a previously installed Schweizer tow hook installation?

Our model number 6027 and 6029 have the same mounting dimensions as the Schweizer tow hook. However, you would still need to get a new FAA Form 337 approval for the installation.

What is the advantage of buying your model 6030 with the bumper?

The bumper is designed to reduce the kick-back that occurs when releasing a banner. The polyethylene bumper absorbs the force of the release and your tow hook release will last longer. The bumper installation will require additional bushing and or spacers for installation on aircraft with the hook mounted facing down to allow adequate clearance of the rudder or tail-cone.

Do you sell any banner equipment?

We do have some used Gasser banner letters in 5 ft red and some lead poles in stock and quotes are available on request. For new banner equipment we have included some links of companies that have banner tow equipment.