Aerial Tow Hooks

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Wings Unlimited offers Aerial Tow Hooks in
three different models to fit your particular needs:

  • Tow Hook Bolt-On — constructed with a mounting lug for Cessna 150 thru 205 airplanes or for bolting to a bracket on tail wheel airplanes. Also, ideal for an added layer of safety for hand propping your airplane.
  • Tow Hook Weld-On — designed to be directly welded to a custom mounting bracket.
  • Tow Hook Bolt-On with Bumper — designed for banner towing to reduce kick-back during banner release.


Make Hand Propping Your Airplane
Safer with a Wings Unlimited Tow Hook!

Some Light Sport Airplanes do not have electrical systems or starters, and must be hand propped.

Most hand prop accidents do not involve the person losing their footing and falling into the spinning prop (although it is a hazard to watch out for). Most hand prop accidents involve the airplane getting loose and hitting something.

It is vitally important to secure the airplane when you are hand propping. Attach tie downs and use chocks. However, after the engine is running, there is that awkward moment when you untie the last rope or remove the last chock, and you have to trot into the cockpit before the plane starts rolling away.

The best solution for hand-propping is a Wings Unlimited tow hook release. This allows you to attach the tie down strap to the tow hook release and to the ground tie down position. Start the engine, remove your chocks, climb into the cockpit, and release the tow hook strap by pulling the release handle located inside the cockpit.

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